Leadership Coaching

Welcome to my new and improved website!

My name is Amanda and I’m a passionate teacher, mentor, tutor and business coach! I am a qualified and registered professional educator and after recently completing additional studies whilst in Europe, I now offer Leadership Coaching for children, teenagers, and young adults!

Leadership Coaching is a specialized type of Life Coaching where the focus is on helping children, teenagers, and young adults to develop positive mindsets and routines in order to assist them in their future.

Being a young person in today’s times is no easy task! Everyday children, young adults and university students are placed under immense levels of stress in order to learn more, improve, achieve the impossible and to continually perform at high levels. Often, this is due to stress being placed on them directly by their families, but can also be because of the influence of society on our youngsters!

Each and every human being is wired differently. Not everyone who has the skills and ability to achieve good marks at school or university will ultimately be happy. Similarly, not everyone who decides to turn down a study opportunity at university will be unsuccessful, or unfulfilled. Happiness and fulfillment are only achieved when a person’s innermost beliefs and desires and matched with their outward actions and interactions. This is why Leadership Coaching is so important! It helps the child, teenager, or young adult to discover their inner desires and how to use this information when making decisions.

Leadership coaching is NOT the same as counselling. Therapists (or psychologists) are trained professionals who play an important role in assisting children and adults through difficult periods of their lives. Leadership Coaching should not be seen as a ‘cure’ or a ‘treatment’ to replace counselling. I I encourage children and students who are currently seeing psychologists to continue working with their therapists, even after starting Leadership Coaching with me.

Leadership coaching is not used to ‘treat’ any psychological conditions or to focus on traumatic events from the past. Instead, Leadership Coaching focuses on each individual as a whole. Through our sessions, I guide my students through a process of self-discovery, in which students discover their interests and passions. From there, we also explore a student’s fears and any limiting beliefs that might be holding him or her back in their everyday lives. Once the groundwork has been laid, students begin creating goals and plans to achieve these goals, both in the short-term and in the long-term. By setting goals that are in alignment with a student’s passions and values, students ultimately start to feel a sense of fulfillment, achievement and happiness. This is the main objective of this type of life coaching!

Are you a child, teenager, or university student feeling unmotivated and confused? Are you a parent with a son or daughter in this situation? Then contact me today! I will set up a detailed assessment and from there we can develop a Leadership Coaching plan that is personalized and just right your child!