Ballet in South Africa

Intensive training and a passion for dance is required to become a professional ballet dancer in South Africa. Ballet began in 1500 in Italy during the renaissance. The art form grew worldwide as a Russian Theatre producer, Serge Diaghilev, formed the talented Ballet Russes. The Ballet Russes toured parts of the world and introduced a variety of ballet techniques. The pointe shoes and tutus portray ballerinas as heavenly beings who float on air.



Ballet schools in South Africa

The following schools provide training for beginners aspiring to become professional ballet dancers: Continue reading Ballet in South Africa

Earth Day 2016

On the 22nd of April every year countries around the world observe Earth Day.  It is currently recognized by 192 countries and celebrated by over two billion people. The founder of the idea, Gaylord Nelson, was a senator in the U.S. He wanted a national day for people to focus on the environment.

earth day

What is Earth day?

The first observed day originated in 1970, around the time of worldwide consumption of the earth’s natural resources with little worry of environmental consequences. This year marked the 46th celebrated earth day! It is a movement encouraging people to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, and rallies and marches are held all around the world to show support of this day. Continue reading Earth Day 2016

Drakensberg, a field trip review

I recently went on a field trip with my environmental science soils class to the Drakensberg in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. The purpose of this field trip was for us to gain experience in field work related to our degree (BSc environmental science at UKZN Westville).

We visited the ATKV Drakensville Resort (,which was delightful! Some of the activities available include mini-golf , zip-lining, horse riding  and a heated swimming pool.


What did we do in Drakensberg?

Our weekend spent in the Drakensberg consisted of hiking, learning , some zip-line fun, soil testing and management. Being a fitness fanatic, I thoroughly enjoyed hiking in the mountains and had no problem getting dirty with a “hands-in-sand” approach. This was necessary to conduct a precise soil analysis, which included testing for texture, clay content, sediment size and soil type to name a few. Continue reading Drakensberg, a field trip review

Soccer Season in the Cape

April is the beginning of the soccer season in Cape Town. Every week club teams play games against each other. Together, players, coaches and parents enjoy the most popular sport in the world.

daniel wolson soccer
A Photograph of Daniel Wolson, our Blog writer and talented soccer player!

What must you do to become a part of the League? Where in Cape Town can you go to learn the game?

There are two types of places where you can get soccer training: soccer clubs and soccer academies. Continue reading Soccer Season in the Cape

Balancing High School Sports and Academics

high school sport

High school sport is a vital part of our school life. The tricky part is finding a good balance between academics and sport. It’s good to remember that what works for one person, might not necessarily work for another. Usually the pressure is felt when tests are around the corner and there are high school sport matches lined up every afternoon leading up to test week. To add to this stress, you might also be in a leadership position at school and have to attend meetings during break, etc. Continue reading Balancing High School Sports and Academics

Why having hobbies are awesome!

Harry Houdini, who escaped from a milk can, was known as a sensational and daring escape artist as he baffled crowds of nervous spectators with his antics. Trapped in a Chinese Water Torture Cell, he was able to hold his breath for more than three minutes before escaping. Hobbies add meaning to our lives and give us a reason to wake up in the morning. You do not need to be an escape artist but you should definitely try to  find a hobby that you are passionate about.


In order to develop as a species, we need to find something we are truly exceptional at. Dip your hands in the honey jar if you have no idea what you are great at. It is best to try every possible outlet from drawing, painting, photography, Continue reading Why having hobbies are awesome!

Introduction to Daniel (My favourite things)

Hello everyone,my name is Daniel and I want to share some of my favourite things with you. I am nine years old. I live in Cape Town, Western Cape. I like to play soccer and tennis. I am very lucky, because I stay very close to the beach and I can spend a lot of time in the ocean.  I really enjoy swimming and surfing.

daniel intro

But my favourite thing to do is to go to the theatre. Continue reading Introduction to Daniel (My favourite things)

How to Choose a Great Grade 12 Science Tutor!

When choosing a Tutor for any subject, we would encourage parents and learners to first check on the education and experience of the Tutor that you may be considering. The points below will help you when making your choice as to which Grade 12 Science Tutor you should use:Grade 12 Science Tution

So you are smart, but can you TEACH Science?

One of the questions that both parents and learners seem to forget to ask themselves is, if the tutor they are considering using can actually teach or not. The tutor might be easy to engage with and gifted in the specific subject, but this does not mean that they can teach.

Teaching is a skill that is built with education and years of experience. Continue reading How to Choose a Great Grade 12 Science Tutor!

This is why I decided to study environmental science

environmental science

Environmental science is not the most popular degree to obtain.  It is also not recognized enough. The people who are studying environmental science are often labelled as “tree-huggers”. The truth is many people don’t know what this field of study actually entails. Environmental science is a broad field that is interdisciplinary. This means that it is spread across many other disciplines. Some of the disciplines that are studied when doing environmental science are, chemistry; biology; physics, soil science and geology to name a few. It is a rapidly growing field with so many specialities.

How I knew a career in environmental science was something I wanted

For a large portion of my high school life I was uncertain about what I wanted to do in the future. Indecisive is an understatement to describe how I felt. Figuring out what I was passionate enough about and wanting to do it for the rest of my life was stressful. Continue reading This is why I decided to study environmental science

Win a Bursary to Study at Chef School!

In 1962, a hungry noble Englishman, John Montagu, desperate not to interrupt a gambling game, ordered meat to be served between two slices of bread which led to the remarkable reinvention of the sandwich.

chef bursary

The bottom line is that people love food. All the foodies out there are continuously experimenting with various flavours and spices. Tongues are wagging and taste buds are savouring the intoxicating kick of chilli, masala and honey.  Being a chef is extremely rewarding and fulfilling as people appreciate the combination of exotic flavours packed into one dish. Continue reading Win a Bursary to Study at Chef School!