Choosing Your Grade 12 Science Tutor

When choosing a Tutor for any subject, we would encourage parents and learners to first check on the education and experience of the Tutor that you may be considering. The points below will help you when making your choice as to which Grade 12 Science Tutor you should use:

Grade 12 Science Tution

So you are smart, but can you TEACH Science?

One of the questions that both parents and learners seem to forget to ask themselves is, if the tutor they are considering using can actually teach or not. The tutor might be easy to engage with and gifted in the specific subject, but this does not mean that they can teach.

Teaching is a skill that is built with education and years of experience. Think about the level of insight that your son or daughter will receive when working with a skilled and experienced teacher compared to if he or she were to be tutored by a college or university student, for example.

In South Africa, there is a focus on specific content in the curriculum, and as wonderful as that student tutor may be, he or she will most likely not have enough insight into the curriculum to deliver precise and relevant knowledge to your son or daughter during tutoring sessions!

Why Risk Your Child’s Grade 12 Science Marks?

Why risk your son or daughter’s Grade 10, 11, or 12 marks, by lack of background research? Rather do the research, chat to the specific teachers you are considering using as private tutors, and make a point of finding out if your son or daughter will be taught by student tutors at any time. As much as people don’t want to hear it, the truth is that a student tutor will never match up to an experienced educator! Don’t be taken for a ride by tutors trying to make a quick buck by trying to sell you their skills. Do your research well, and then make an informed decision.

When Should I Enrol My Child in a Private Tuition Program?

Ideally, before they start failing! Extra Science lessons are often only considered after a student has already started to achieve low marks. Every year, without fail, the Term 2 wave of panic-stricken South African parents arrive at our door. Although great that at that stage they are finally looking for academic solutions for their son or daughter’s Maths and Science woes, they often do not realise what starting Extra Science lessons in the second Term actually means!

In South Africa, all academics will tell you that Term 2 and Term 4 mean one thing: EXAMS.  Assuming an average Term is about 10 weeks long, and the last 3 weeks are reserved for exams, this only gives you 7 weeks to work with. Then, many parents lose out on the first 2 weeks of the Term whilst searching for a tutor who actually has space for their son or daughter. This leaves us with 5 weeks. Once you finally find a tutor (assuming you find a qualified one!), he or she then has a mammoth task ahead of them. Not only do they now only have 5 weeks left to go through an entire Term’s work with your child, they most often have to go back and re-teach the first Term’s work again (remember, if your child was already failing we have to start over from the beginning again!).

The bottom line is don’t wait until the last minute to enrol your son or daughter into an extra tuition program! Find the right one that works for you, and start them off as early as possible. Many a time learners we have worked with have had the ability to understand Scientific concepts well, but time had been the limiting factor. It is highly unlikely that your son or daughter will be able to keep up to the pace needed to get through 2 Term’s worth of Grade 12 Science theory, in just a few short weeks before exams – please keep this in mind!

How Do I Study?

I have been asked this question so many times, that I have actually decided to develop a study skills training course for students, specifically for those wanting to know how to study for the sciences in South Africa, such as Physical Science; Mathematics; and Life Science. This course is still being developed, so if you are interested in finding out more, please visit our BLOG page and subscribe to our newsletter to receive more information, specials, course dates, etc.

Our study skills course will cater to learners and students from High School level all the way to University level. All our sessions will be held online, very similar to our Science Tuition and this will be available to learners anywhere in SA! Watch this space for more information!

Need More Information?

If you need more information, or would like your child to attend an Assessment with us, please CONTACT US. Assessments are Free of Charge, but due to great demand, we only carry out a limited number of Assessments each month. We also only sign up a limited number of students each Term, so please contact as soon as possible if you would like to find out more about our Grade 12 Science Tuition.