Extra Science Lessons 2017-Join Now!

Would you like to improve on your Science marks this year? Then don’t wait time and contact us today!  We offer high-quality Extra Physical Science Tuition online, to students anywhere in South Africa!

Why use us: Our lessons are developed and run by a qualified Science teacher, with experience as a Science Head of Department, at High School level. We therefore offer a lot of experience regarding the South African curriculum as well as the exact steps and methods that are required by the Education Department in the Grade 12 Final Exams.

We have experience preparing learners for both the IEB as well as the NSC exams and are therefore able to assist students both in Private or Government Schools in SA.

Our teacher has written a CAPS compliant Textbook and therefore has researched the CAPS curriculum well. She also develops new content and questions regularly, in order to teach new concepts in different ways.

In our lessons, our teacher will work with Grade 10, 11, or 12 students online, in real-time. This means that lessons are not pre-recorded and learners have the chance to interact and ask questions as the lesson progresses, whilst still having the convenience of being able to work at home in front of their computer or mobile device.

Online learning is the way of the future and our methods have been adapted so that all students are reached. More content is also covered in a one-hour online lesson compared to traditional face-to-face learning! Online learning is also FUN as it makes use of different colours, images, etc as opposed to a grey pencil and blank piece of paper.

Each lesson is prepared for individually, therefore students are able to let us know if there are specific questions or sections that they would like to focus on before their next online lesson. Lessons are presented in such a way as to cover both theory as well as interpretive questions. By mastering both the understanding behind concepts as well as interpreting exam-type questions, students will be well-prepared for their High School Physical Science tests and exams!

We also offer students online coaching sessions to teach them how to perfect their study methods. Study methods used for Physical Science are different to those used for other subjects, as the subject contains both theory as well as many calculations and scientific interpretation. Perfecting study methods is crucial, if learners want to improve their marks.

There are many advantages to joining our online Extra Science learning program. Students are able to access assistance at times that they would traditionally not be able to (eg the evening before an exam). There is also no need for students to travel to their tutor (great for learners living in school hostels without access to transport). Furthermore, online sessions are more intensive than traditional face-to-face learning, and a larger quantity of work can be covered in an online session. As with face-to-face learning, students’ progress during online sessions is also assessed and the learning adapted as necessary.

Since there are currently no other Science teachers in SA running an online extra tuition program in the way that we run ours, we have limited spaces available and places should be booked as soon as possible.

In order to join our online learning program, all a student needs is access to a computer with a good internet connection, and a Skype account (free to download)!

To find out more, visit our website today: http://www.amandaowenonline.co.za.


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