Grade 11 Gases: What to Remember for Tests and Exams!

During the last few weeks we have been covering the section on Gases during our Grade 11 online lessons. This section often sends shivers down the spines of many Grade 11 students all around South Africa! We are here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case with you!

Here are a few hints and tips to keep in mind when studying the section on gases for your next Grade 11 Chemistry test or exam:

  1. Don’t panic – Most of the questions in this section are long and you need to read your questions properly before you start your calculations.
  2. Use hi-lighters – Now is the time to grab those hi-lighters or coloured pens! Hi-light or underline the important information if you are given a question in a paragraph form, this will help you to see the values quickly and clearly.
  3. Write a list – As we do in our online lessons, always write a list with the information that you have been given. Once your list has been written you will then be able to clearly decide which equation to use.
  4. Choose your equation correctly – If your question uses a change in condition then you will often need to use the combined gas equation, but be sure to check carefully!
  5. Use the correct units – When using the gas equations remember to always convert your temperatures to Kelvin, as you cannot substitute a temperature in degrees Celsius directly into the equations! Also remember that when using the Ideal Gas Equation you should always use Pa and dm3!
  6. Don’t rush the maths – Just because you are writing a Chemistry test, don’t think that you can neglect the maths behind each calculation! Many students rush this part and re-arrange their equations incorrectly, resulting in errors in the final answer. Solve your equations step-by-step and always go back and check to see that you haven’t made any mistakes – especially when typing on the calculator!
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