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school holiday in South Africa

The arrival of school holiday seems like utter bliss. Once holiday approaches many of you struggle with the persistent itch of boredom. So what are we going to do this holiday?

Hitting snooze on the alarm clock and waking up in the middle of the day while mum and dad  are at work  seems entertaining but after a couple of days grows monotonous. Remember time is a very strange thing as its rules expand our very existence, it is best to make use of every second and minute of the day before those wrinkles start showing. Here are a couple of tips on how to use your time wisely:


Wake up early with a smile

Are you familiar with the proverb: the early bird catches the worm? It’s absolutely true. A study conducted in 2008 by Harvard biologist Christoph Randler concluded that early risers are more proactive. When you wake up with a smile you immediately invite positive energy into your life. Start with the basics like brushing your teeth! And singing if you have to. Perform a few breathing exercises (inhale and exhale, repeat if necessary) as this helps to relax and prepare you for the day.


Find a hobby that you like and practice it every day

Do you enjoy running? You wouldn’t know the answer unless you’ve tried it. Running or jogging is best done in the mornings when there is just a hint of sunrise peering from the horizon. Remember every runner, jogger and walker must be armed with pepper spray which may be purchased at pharmacies (sold at only R29.00 on Bid or Buy) just in case someone let that nasty Boerboel on the loose- and I’m not referring to the dog.  Are you a soccer fan? Instead of being a spectator, grab your friend or sibling and kick around a ball in your backyard or at the park where it is safe. If you are an indoors person bring out your creative side and paint, sketch or make something.

There are some great creative ideas on Bored Panda at

Creating art contributes to your psychological well-being so get those pencils, paints and pastels out and go crazy- just don’t damage mum’s flowerpot.

Writing is another form of art, words being our utensils. How do you become a successful writer? Reading, reading and more reading. Books nowadays are expensive and should you wish to cut down on costs, visit the local library. Classics such as Lord of the flies, To kill a mockingbird, Wuthering Heights and Of mice and men are recommended.


Things to do in Johannesburg:

Red Bus City Tour

Hop aboard the red bus that takes you to some interesting spots in Johannesburg such as Gold Reef City and James Hall Transport Museum. Ticket prices range from R90- R160.

Contact: 0861733287


The Cradle of Humankind

Visit the Cradle of Humankind- A tour through Sterkfontein proves to be both fun and educational. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes. Admission to the Sterkfontein Caves is R97 for children and R165 for adults.

Contact: 0145779000


Things to do in Cape Town:

Butterfly World Tropical Garden

Experience myriad flutters of colour at Butterfly World in the Western Cape Winelands. The tropical garden houses butterflies from Costa Rica and the Philippines. A visit to the garden may inspire budding artists and photographers. Entry costs range from R28-R48 p/p.

Contact: +27 (0)21 875 5628


Boot Camp

Boot Camp SA offers activities such as paintball, archery target shooting, night fishing, shelter and raft building and stealth games. The activities offered are both physically and mentally challenging. The boot camp is there to boost confidence as well as physical and mental wellbeing.

Contact: +27 (0) 82 455 6723


Things to do in Kimberley:

The Big Hole

Peer into the black abyss of the Big Hole situated in Kimberley. A narrative and interactive display surrounds the landmark which tells the story of diamonds in South Africa. There is a cost of R75 for a day tour.

Contact: 053 839 4600


William Humphreys Art Gallery

The art gallery opened in 1952 in honour of William Benbow Humphreys and houses 247 artworks of French, Dutch and Flemish origins. There is a cost of R5.

Contact: 053 831 1724/5


Things to do in Durban:

Durban Natural Science Museum

The first floor of the Durban City hall houses dinosaurs (NOT LIVE), fossils and stuffed predators that will amaze both kids and adults. Entrance is free.

Contact: 031 311 2242


Mini Town

Imagine what it feels like to be Gulliver. A walk around mini town will allow you to view exceptional models of Durban’s most interesting landmarks in a 1:24 scale. Tickets cost R15 for adults and R10 for children.

Contact: 031 337 7892

Keep busy during the holiday and avoid the boredom bug. As frosty housewife Betty Draper from Mad Men would say: Only boring people get bored.



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