The Start of a New Term and Preparation for June Examinations

Are you experiencing the Sunday blues? You’re not the only one. With the end of the holiday, many of you find it difficult to get back into the routine of work. It is best to ease into the routine of work by being organised and setting short-term goals and ensuring that those goals are achieved by the end of the week. The following are a few tips to help you ace the June examinations:

june examinations


Fresh start

The first term of school has already come to an end, so put all those mistakes behind you and start the new term fresh with a positive attitude. Be proactive and invest your time in developing much needed skills. 

If you don’t like your lifestyle, change it

Challenge yourself this term by attempting something new, exciting and scary. Take part in extra murals whether it is chess or athletics-you never know, you might enjoy it. 

Be Organised

According to Glenn Ebersole, Jr., Chief Executive of J. G. Ebersole Associates and The Renaissance Group, being organized ensures productivity and allows you to manage your time more effectively. Get a planner or diary and write down all your important tasks daily. Your planner should remind you of all your homework, tests, assignments and sports meetings. Don’t play the class clown and talk with your friends during class as this will draw the teacher’s attention to your odd behaviour. Pay attention in class and stay mentally focused on the content being taught. Take organized notes and highlight all the important information, make sure your notes are labelled with a date and heading. Notes should be placed in plastic sleeves combined in a folder to ensure easy access of the information during examination time. Start projects and assignments as soon as possible- that essay on Hamlet isn’t going to finish itself. Find a quiet room in the house with a desk and establish that room as your study area. 

Practice, practice, practice!

You would never attempt a marathon without any training would you? June examinations are marathons which you need to train for every single day. You should attempt a past paper everyday if you wish to get that distinction. Convincing yourself that you’re a person who works under pressure is just being lazy and invites the unwelcome element of stress which has a negative impact on your physical and mental health. Subjects such as Mathematics and Physical Sciences need constant attention as both are practical. Should you find areas that you need help in, consult your teacher or tutor;  Amanda Owen Online Education offers online tuition in both subjects. 

Short-term goals

Short-term goals are pieces of a puzzle; these goals paint a larger picture and contribute toward a better and stable future. Break your long-term goal into a series of short-term goals in order to achieve success. Your long-term goal at this very moment should be choosing a career that showcases your talent and skills. Jobs are limited and the unstable economy does not make the country’s situation any better. As students, you should be focused on developing skills that are needed for your chosen profession. Should you choose to study multimedia or graphic design, you would then need to brush up on your computer skills with regard to Photoshop and coding. Download a free trial version of Adobe Photoshop at: .

We at Amanda Owen Online Education wish you all the luck with the June examinations.

By: Sasheera Gounden


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