STEAM learning Kits

These days, STEM learning is taking the world by storm! For those of you who haven’t heard of this before, STEM stands for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS. More recently STEM learning has developed into STEAM learning with the addition of ART.

STEAM learning is modern, practical way of teaching children and teenagers important skills through real-life projects rather than through textbook learning alone. In schools and learning centers, learners are encouraged to follow a guided “problem-solving” cycle in order to reach the outcome that they are looking for. This not only teaches them practical skills in each of the above-mentioned learning areas, but it also encourages learners to think critically and test out new ideas.

Here are some GREAT STEAM learning kits that we recommend parents consider purchasing for this kids:

Parrot Airborne Cargo Travis Drone

This drone will provide hours of entertainment to teenagers and young adults alike! It is customizable and has a base onto which small objects, figurines or construction blocks can be attached.

With a weight of only 54 g, this drone is able to reach speeds of up to 18 km/h and is also able to move in multiple directions and make both 90 degree and 180 degree turns without stopping!

Being fitted with an onboard camera means that this drone also has the ability to snap incredible aerial pics while flying!

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Navir World’s Best Bug Viewer Plus

This bug viewer is an ideal gift for children who have an interest in nature and the outdoors! Encourage children to explore their natural environment with this bug viewer in hand! Use the forceps to gently place insects, bugs, worms, or any interesting items into the bug viewer then flip the double magnifying glass over for a closer look!

This bug viewer teaches children how to appreciate and engage with the natural environment in a positive manner. It also builds on children’s observational skills. Combine this gift with an outdoor environmental notepad so that children can draw and label what they find!

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Thames and Kosmos Crystal Growing Kit

An excellent gift for children that have a passion for Science! This child-friendly kit comes with a 32-page colour manual that explains how to carry out 15 different Chemistry experiments!

With this kit children will learn about the properties of 4 different crystals and how to grow these crystals with the materials provided. Children will be able to experiment with making crystals of different shapes and in a variety of colours!

This kit includes a transparent treasure box, for displaying their crystal creations!

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4M Green Science- Enviro Battery

This kit will not only teach your child about sustainable energy sources, but it will also provide hours of entertainment as learners use potatoes, mud and water to create an electric current with the ability to light up a light bulb or make a buzzer sound! Included in this kit is an experiment manual that will guide learners along and show them how make different types of batteries using coins and forks, as well as how to build a potato buzzer game!

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4M Kidz Labs – Volcano Making kit

This kit provides an opportunity for hands-on learning! Learners will be provided with everything they need in order to mould and create their very own volcano! The kit also comes with paint so that the volcano can be designed, shaped  and painted to look as realistic as possible! Once the volcano has been built, follow the instructions to create your very own volcanic eruption, complete with overflowing, bubbling lava! When complete, the volcano will be approximately 9.5 cm tall and can be reused again and again for great fun!

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