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A Very Famous Breakfast

A countless number of studies have proven that consuming a healthy breakfast daily enhances concentration levels and boosts metabolism.  A healthy breakfast does not consist of a basket of slap chips immersed in ketchup or a bag of Lays, but rather a fruit feast of strawberries, blueberries, bananas and a glass of freshly squeezed apple or orange juice.  Sounds good? It’s about to get even better. The benefits of consuming fruit in the morning are endless. A breakfast of drizzled lemon juice on watermelon enables detoxification of the body by stimulating the digestive tract. Rather avoid consuming fatty animal products that are no friend to the digestive tract and stick to the all-fruit-breakfast diet that ensures a clear frame of mind as well as a healthy gut.

Fruit Salad Breakfast

Influential People’s Breakfasts

Some very influential scientists, artists and novelists who chiselled their mark upon history as Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon, relied on a hearty breakfast of peculiar taste. Continue reading A Very Famous Breakfast

Domestic Caregivers Meet Modern Day Science

Female empowerment should be encouraged in the field of science. Donna Reed and June Cleaver captured the American television audience with their mother goose appeal, also known as the quintessential caregivers:  baking cookies, cleaning house and taking care of children in America during the 1950s. Drummond’s advertisement in the 1950’s “men are better than women”, says it all: women are inferior to men. Today, the advertisements during the 1950s are hilarious due to obsolete content, yet gender inequality remains rife.

Women in Science

Gender gaps favouring males are highly prevalent in developing countries today. It is estimated that a mere 30% of women play lead scientific roles in Africa. Continue reading Domestic Caregivers Meet Modern Day Science

Ballet in South Africa

Intensive training and a passion for dance is required to become a professional ballet dancer in South Africa. Ballet began in 1500 in Italy during the renaissance. The art form grew worldwide as a Russian Theatre producer, Serge Diaghilev, formed the talented Ballet Russes. The Ballet Russes toured parts of the world and introduced a variety of ballet techniques. The pointe shoes and tutus portray ballerinas as heavenly beings who float on air.



Ballet schools in South Africa

The following schools provide training for beginners aspiring to become professional ballet dancers: Continue reading Ballet in South Africa

Why having hobbies are awesome!

Harry Houdini, who escaped from a milk can, was known as a sensational and daring escape artist as he baffled crowds of nervous spectators with his antics. Trapped in a Chinese Water Torture Cell, he was able to hold his breath for more than three minutes before escaping. Hobbies add meaning to our lives and give us a reason to wake up in the morning. You do not need to be an escape artist but you should definitely try to  find a hobby that you are passionate about.


In order to develop as a species, we need to find something we are truly exceptional at. Dip your hands in the honey jar if you have no idea what you are great at. It is best to try every possible outlet from drawing, painting, photography, Continue reading Why having hobbies are awesome!

Win a Bursary to Study at Chef School!

In 1962, a hungry noble Englishman, John Montagu, desperate not to interrupt a gambling game, ordered meat to be served between two slices of bread which led to the remarkable reinvention of the sandwich.

chef bursary

The bottom line is that people love food. All the foodies out there are continuously experimenting with various flavours and spices. Tongues are wagging and taste buds are savouring the intoxicating kick of chilli, masala and honey.  Being a chef is extremely rewarding and fulfilling as people appreciate the combination of exotic flavours packed into one dish. Continue reading Win a Bursary to Study at Chef School!

Juggling Figures: Becoming a Chartered Accountant

If you are a person who enjoys juggling figures, drawing up business plans and able to adapt to the constant kinetic world of business, then being a chartered accountant is definitely your calling.

chartered accountant

Czech-born Franz Kafka, who worked as an insurance clerk, despised his job and preferred to spend his time writing. Without his passion, the world would be deprived of his talented writing as displayed in his works of Metamorphosis and novels such as The trial, The castle and Amerika.

Subject Choices

A 60-69% pass in pure Mathematics and a National Senior Certificate with matric exemption are required to be accepted to study as a chartered accountant. Proficiency in English is a necessity in this field. Accounting as a subject in school is useful but not compulsory at most universities. Continue reading Juggling Figures: Becoming a Chartered Accountant

The Start of a New Term and Preparation for June Examinations

Are you experiencing the Sunday blues? You’re not the only one. With the end of the holiday, many of you find it difficult to get back into the routine of work. It is best to ease into the routine of work by being organised and setting short-term goals and ensuring that those goals are achieved by the end of the week. The following are a few tips to help you ace the June examinations:

june examinations


Fresh start

The first term of school has already come to an end, so put all those mistakes behind you and start the new term fresh with a positive attitude. Be proactive and invest your time in developing much needed skills.  Continue reading The Start of a New Term and Preparation for June Examinations