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School Term Dates 2018 – Use our term date guide when planning your next family holiday!

And just like that, the new year has began!!!

From us at Amanda Owen Online Tuition, we would like to wish all of our students, parents and blog followers everything of the best for 2018!

The New Year Ahead

With a new year comes new goals, dreams and dare I say New Years Resolutions? Whether you are planning to start a new hobby this  year, to start your tertiary education or saving to take the family on the holiday of a lifetime, it is important plan well, ahead of time! Planning is particularly important for parents with school-going children, as holidays, excursions, etc need to be booked and planned around the South African school holidays and public holidays.

School Term Dates 2018

For your convenience, this year we have decided to add this information to our website! On our website you will find the school term dates for schools in all provinces of South Africa, for 2018. This includes the term dates for both public schools as well as independent schools that follow the 4-term cycle. To access this page and view the school term dates for 2018, please click here: School Term Dates 2018.

Public Holidays This Year

For your convenience, we have also added a page with all the South African public holidays for 2018! We recommend that you make use of both pages when planning your next local or international family holiday! To access this page and view the list of public holidays in South Africa for 2018, please click here: 2018 Public Holidays.


Last Day of Term 1 – 2018

The last day of term 1 2018 will be on the 28th of March 2018, both for public schools as well as independent schools following the 4-term cycle. During the first academic term, South Africans will only be celebrating one public holiday, on the 21st of March 2018 – Human Right’s Day.


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Ballet in South Africa

Intensive training and a passion for dance is required to become a professional ballet dancer in South Africa. Ballet began in 1500 in Italy during the renaissance. The art form grew worldwide as a Russian Theatre producer, Serge Diaghilev, formed the talented Ballet Russes. The Ballet Russes toured parts of the world and introduced a variety of ballet techniques. The pointe shoes and tutus portray ballerinas as heavenly beings who float on air.



Ballet schools in South Africa

The following schools provide training for beginners aspiring to become professional ballet dancers: Continue reading Ballet in South Africa

This is why I decided to study environmental science

environmental science

Environmental science is not the most popular degree to obtain.  It is also not recognized enough. The people who are studying environmental science are often labelled as “tree-huggers”. The truth is many people don’t know what this field of study actually entails. Environmental science is a broad field that is interdisciplinary. This means that it is spread across many other disciplines. Some of the disciplines that are studied when doing environmental science are, chemistry; biology; physics, soil science and geology to name a few. It is a rapidly growing field with so many specialities.

How I knew a career in environmental science was something I wanted

For a large portion of my high school life I was uncertain about what I wanted to do in the future. Indecisive is an understatement to describe how I felt. Figuring out what I was passionate enough about and wanting to do it for the rest of my life was stressful. Continue reading This is why I decided to study environmental science

What subjects should I choose at the end of grade 9?

An important choice lies before high school learners at the end of grade 9 that will influence their education until matric as well as their tertiary education. That is, choosing subjects.

Many learners rarely take the time to fully understand how these subject choices affect their education during school, their student life and career paths after school. At the age of 14 or 15, confusion sets in as parents/guardians don’t always know how to help or even understand what is required to maximise the learners potential.

In this article we will delve into a few important points to keep in mind when choosing subjects for the last phase of school life. Continue reading What subjects should I choose at the end of grade 9?

School’s Out!

school holiday in South Africa

The arrival of school holiday seems like utter bliss. Once holiday approaches many of you struggle with the persistent itch of boredom. So what are we going to do this holiday?

Hitting snooze on the alarm clock and waking up in the middle of the day while mum and dad  are at work  seems entertaining but after a couple of days grows monotonous. Remember time is a very strange thing as its rules expand our very existence, it is best to make use of every second and minute of the day before those wrinkles start showing. Here are a couple of tips on how to use your time wisely: Continue reading School’s Out!

Blog Writer Intro: Sasheera Gounden

blog writer amanda owen online education


Hi, my name is Sasheera Gounden and I’m an English teacher from Pretoria. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Further Education and Training at The University of Pretoria in 2014. My hobbies include: road running, photography, writing and sketching. I have a blog which you are welcome to check out at sasheeragounden.blogspot.co.za, although it is not for the faint-hearted. I thoroughly enjoy writing and have written many short stories and poems that have been published in The Guwahatian, Literary Yard and The Bitchin’ Kitsch.  When I’m not writing, running or sketching, I enjoy snacking on cashew nuts while walking around the kitchen barefoot, singing along to The Beatles song: Strawberries are forever which is by far my favourite.

Amanda Owen Online Education is a blog created for students and parents. The blog aims to help young people achieve their academic/career goals and assist with their transition from children into young adults. Continue reading Blog Writer Intro: Sasheera Gounden