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How to Prepare for Grade 12 Final Exams

Grade 12 Final Exams


It is very stressful preparing for the Grade 12 Final exams which are just around the corner but there’s still time so, make the best of it. Twelve years of school and it all boils down to how well you prepare and perform in your examinations. Your peers may have already started studying while others haven’t opened their books yet. Whichever category you fit in, below are some tips to help you prepare for your Grade 12 Final exams.

Don’t panic

Stress levels are higher during exam periods. Instead of stressing yourself out about achieving your goals, focus your energy on revising concepts that you are familiar with for each subject. This reduces the amount of time needed to revise at the end especially when you’re tired and unable to absorb information effectively. The aim is to fine-tune your knowledge and know your work one hundred per cent before moving on. This will decrease the chance of being unsure of your answers in the exam. Continue reading How to Prepare for Grade 12 Final Exams