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Amanda Owen Academic Mentoring & Tuition has been in existence since 2005. Wehave   assisted, taught, and mentored a number of South African students in Mathematics and Physical Science over the years, with great success.

Our services:

We offer two types of Maths & Science Tuition, namely Face-To-Face Tuition, as well as Online Tuition.

Face-To-Face Tuition:

This type of Tuition is ideal for learners who do not have access to a computer and good internet connection, and who reside in the Helderberg area (Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay), or other areas in Cape Town. If you would like to improve your Maths or Science marks, and you live in the area, then contact us today! Before starting up, we offer each student a Free Assessment, so that we can determine your individual needs before planning a work schedule for you!

We work individually with each of our students, and adapt our methods according to each student’s progress. We do not make use of student tutors, or tutors who are not qualified and experienced. For more information about Face-to-Face Tuition, please follow this link: Face-to-Face Tuition.

Online Science Tuition:

If you have access to a computer and a good internet connection, then this form of Tuition is the way to go! Online Tuition means that you will have access to your Tutor at times that might normally not be possible with traditional tuition, for example the evening before a test or exam. There is also no need for you to travel to and from our premises, which means that there a saving in fuel expenses! This also means that students residing in boarding houses will be able to receive Maths & Science Tuition from us even if they do not have access to a lift at all times during the week.

We make use of an online whiteboard, and we are generally able to cover a larger volume of work during an online tuition session than during a traditional face-to-face lesson! Currently we are only offering our Online Tuition program for Physical Science Grades 10, 11 and 12, but this will soon be extended to include Maths too, so watch this space!

Online Science Tuition is available to students anywhere in South Africa! If you want to improve your marks, don’t take short cuts by using just any tutor! Many tutors are not qualified to teach at high school level and often cause more confusion for students than anything else. A tutor without proper teaching experience will also not have sufficient insight to be able to guide you along and give you hints and tips regarding the marking methods that are used in South Africa!

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Still not convinced?

We are so convinced that you will love our methods, that we will even throw in a FREE no-obligation Trial Lesson! To claim this lesson, CONTACT US. This lesson is a once-off lesson, valid for new students only, for Physical Science Grade 10, 11, or 12.