Types of Online Tuition

At Amanda Owen Online Tuition, our Online Tuition is made up of a combination of two types of Tuition, namely One-on-One Tuition, as well as Group Tuition! We set up a personalised learning schedule for each learner at the start of each Term, based on their individual needs and goals. If you want to succeed and achieve top marks in Maths and Science then contact us today!

Online Science Tuition

One-on-One Tuition

During a one-on-one session, learners have the chance to engage directly with the Tutor, which is great for if the learner has specific questions or problem areas that need to be cleared up in a section of Chemistry or Physics. Lessons are conducted via Skype, and all a learner needs to take part in these learning sessions is a computer with internet connection, and a Skype account! 

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Online Workshops

Each workshop is pre-planned around a specific chapter of work in the curriculum. Learners log on to their Skype accounts, and join these group workshops from anywhere in South Africa! At the end of these sessions, learners then receive specially-prepared worksheets to go through for homework. These worksheets are a great way to see if learners are understanding a section well enough or not.

Feedback and assistance is available at all times and leaners are encouraged to make use of all of their additional support material to help improve their High School marks! Learners are also able to submit questions to their tutor via email, if they struggle with any work while studying on their own.  

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Online Tuition is available to learners anywhere in South Africa! We follow the South African curriculum, and all Maths, Physical Science, and Englich lessons are conducted by experienced teachers.

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