Why having hobbies are awesome!

Harry Houdini, who escaped from a milk can, was known as a sensational and daring escape artist as he baffled crowds of nervous spectators with his antics. Trapped in a Chinese Water Torture Cell, he was able to hold his breath for more than three minutes before escaping. Hobbies add meaning to our lives and give us a reason to wake up in the morning. You do not need to be an escape artist but you should definitely try to  find a hobby that you are passionate about.


In order to develop as a species, we need to find something we are truly exceptional at. Dip your hands in the honey jar if you have no idea what you are great at. It is best to try every possible outlet from drawing, painting, photography, working with circuits, writing, skateboarding, dancing, singing and learning to play a musical instrument from the E7- A7- B7 chord progression of a guitar to the mind-blowing beat of the drums. Finding a hobby only adds richness to your personality, creating layers of interest, giving you something to talk about.

Hobbies promote social wellbeing, creating and fostering social connections. Sharing passions opens the door to a flood of people which helps form new bonds. So, what will your newfound hobby be?

Maybe you want to knit, garden or play the piano, now is the time to do it!

Made for theatre?

Following in the likes of American actresses, Katharine and Audrey Hepburn isn’t easy and takes hours of preparation and skill. Should you wish to pursue acting as a career, training is required. Form an acting club at school and rehearse lines from well-known or attractive plays bearing sharp wit and a tad of absurdity. Edward Albee’s, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is recommended. Discuss and analyse performances in order to develop a tough-skin as it is required when one chooses acting as a career.

The Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy helps develop young people from the shy to the outgoing. Fun drama activities are provided in order to focus on dramatic development and help build self-esteem. The academy offers classes from ages 3-19+.

For more details contact The Helen O’ Grady Academy.

Phone: +27 (0) 21 674 7478

Email: info@dramaafrica.com 


Expressing your feelings to the world is a small part of being a poet. American poet and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou once said thatThere is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. A poet is burdened with the responsibility of sharing feelings like music to the world and capturing the audience’s hearts in the process. The rarity of showcasing microscopic beauty to the world is a God-given talent. Love or despise her, American poet, short story writer and novelist, Sylvia Plath who is known for her poignancy, was a talented novelist but a better poet, battling with depression and documenting the symptoms through her works of Lady Lazarus and The Bell Jar. Through her writing and the tragic act of sticking her head into the oven, the world is now aware of the serious nature of depression.

Open Poetry Slam

The Slam Dot Poetry Team will host a poetry slam at Joburg Theatre. Open poetry sessions are hosted on the third Sunday every month. Open poetry sessions are not competitive and are solely to help emerging poets build confidence. The venue is the Cas Coovadia studio at Joburg Theatre from 15:00-18:00. Poetry Slams are highly competitive and are hosted on the first Saturday of every month. The admission fee is R50 a ticket from 14:00-18:00. Two successful poets will qualify to compete in the SA National Poetry Slam, hosted on 25 June 2016 at Fringe Theatre. For more information, visit the following link: http://www.joburgtheatre.com/youth-development/ .

Music to one’s ears

From the electrifying musical style of Jimi Hendricks to the classical works of composers, Beethoven and holocaust survivor, Władysław “Wladek” Szpilman, marks a monumental movement for the music industry. Learning to play a musical instrument brings great joy and absolute freedom.

Guitar for dummies is available in pdf format at: http://www.htg.tartu.ee/~siim/raamat/Guitar%20For%20Dummies.pdf .

If you prefer learning to play by an expert, the following specialists offer their services for an affordable fee:

Mietze Dill is a cello teacher based in Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria. If you are interested in both practical and theoretical lessons, contact Mietze at: pyotr123@gmail.com .

The M&M Music Academy, located in the suburbs of Parkland provides training in learning to play drums, piano/keys, guitar and bass guitar. If you are interested, contact them at:

021 557 3582 or admin@mmma.co.za .

Keep Active

Keeping active results in a long and healthy life. Regular exercise prevents common diseases and illness such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression and arthritis. A workout at the gym or 30-minute walk helps alleviate the mood. Exercise helps boost your confidence and self-esteem. Outdoor hobbies are a great way of getting fresh air and improves mental health.

Hobbies are great stress relievers; focusing on a task that is not work-related helps release stress. Naturally, hobbies are good for your mind and body.

By: Sasheera Gounden


Interested in finding out more about different hobbies? Have specific questions you would like to ask Sasheera? Post your hobby-related questions below this post and we will reply to you!

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